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Although there are facilities to enjoy many different activities close by, in an effort to provide residents with the best possible lifestyle, the developer, Bria Homes, included some amenities within the Grove’s enclave and those amenities include:

Play Area – It is always very important for your children’s safety, to have a safe play area close to home. With the provision of a play area within the compound, Bria Homes have ensured that any residents’ children do not have to play on the busy streets, or in fact even have to cross them in order to find a safe space to play.

Basketball Court – Basketball is already the most popular sport in America and it is rapidly becoming just as popular elsewhere and so the inclusion of a basketball court at Northridge Grove is innovative if not unique and allows residents to play socially or perhaps even form teams for some friendly competition against other communities. Playing basketball is a great, fun way for residents to keep in shape without having to brave the busy streets travelling to a gym.

Multi-Purpose Hall – The provision of a multi-purpose hall within the complex means that residents have a venue where they can have family reunions, work socials or just a neighbourly get together. Perhaps the best thing about having a venue like this is the fact that you do not have to overcrowd your home, leaving it in a mess and secondly, as the venue is right on your doorstep, you at least, will not have any transport problems getting to or from it.


Security for most residents anywhere is always of great concern and knowing this Bria Homes have ensured that Northridge Grove has 24 hour security in place and a guardhouse at the entrance to ensure no unwelcome visitors are even allowed into the estate, let alone get up to mischief whilst they are there.  

Building Northridge Grove within a wooded area ensures that residents can get a break from the hassles associated with city life and yet its location also saves most residents from experiencing the stress of a long commute to work each day.

Living in a large urban environment like Metro Manila can have its advantages and disadvantages but when you live on its edge, you can share in most of those advantages without suffering the disadvantages of actually living in a densely populated environment which means, Northridge Grove is possibly one of the best locations in the Philippines for you to have your home. Added to that of course is the fact that most of the facilities you will ever need are even closer than Metro Manila.

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