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Northridge Grove Is located at Paradise Farm Brgy. Tungkong Mangga, San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan.

The success or failure of any residential development often depends on the location but with the Northridge Grove development there is little doubt for its success due to it being ideally situated close to anything any resident may need, plus it has its own amenities within the fenced and gated enclave.

San Jose Del Monte City is located just to the north of Metro Manila and so all that the nation’s capital has to offer, is within easy reach and yet, due to its hillside location within a forested area, the hustle and bustle of the metropolis is far from residents minds whilst they relax at home enjoying the amenities the developer provided.

The City of San Jose Del Monte though is in itself a thriving and growing business sector and so work is increasingly easier to be found within just a short distance from Northridge Grove and that situation will just get better as the city meets its plans for expansion of opportunities for new businesses. As of today though Northridge Grove is already close to many facilities which any family may require, many of which are within just 1 or 2 km from the residences and these include:


  • Dalisay Market - 0.80 km
  • Suarez Optical - 0.81 km
  • Nolasco Public Market - 0.90 km
  • Gozon Public Market - 0.93 km
  • SM City San Jose del Monte - 0.94 km


  • Palabok At Spaghetti - 0.81 km
  • Mommy Place Eatery - 1.11 km
  • Dorys Restaurant - 1.14 km
  • Don Benitos Cassava Cakes - 1.18 km
  • Gringneth Kitcheneth Snack House - 1.83 km


  • Paradise Farm National High School - 0.29 km
  • Microlink Training and Development Center - 0.94 km
  • College of Saint Anthony - 0.96 km
  • Tungkong Mangga Elemetary School - 1.16 km
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary School - 1.67 km


  • QualiMed Hospital - 0.66 km
  • Family Care Clinic - 0.96 km
  • Skyline Hospital and Medical Center - 1.29 km
  • Grace General Hospital - 1.99 km


  • Parokya ni San Pedro Apostel – 0.92km
  • Paradise IRM Church – 0.95km

It is not just facilities that families may use every week or every day which are close to Northridge Grove, there are also facilities like resorts which a family may want to visit at weekends or during holidays, many of which are just a stone throw away, here are some of them:

  • Paradise Adventure Camp Resort – 0.10k (2 minutes to reach)
  • Los Arcos Resort – 0.19km (2 minutes to reach)
  • 12 waves resort – 0.45km (6 minutes to reach)
  • Grotto Vista Resort – 4.8km (13 minutes to reach)
  • Villa Antonio de Dave Resort – 5.7km (15 minutes to reach)

As well as being conveniently located for social or weekend events, Northridge Grove is also convenient for residents that work in one of the many emerging businesses located along the Quirino Highway, affording them very little if any commute. With everything so close at hand, Northridge Grove residents can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a quality home with amenities virtually at their front door.


  • Paradise Adventure Camp Resort – 100 km (2mins travel time)
  • Los Arcos Resort- 190 km (2mins travel time)
  • 12 waves Resort – 450 km (6 mins travel time)
  • Grotto Vista Resort – 4.8km (14 mins travel time)
  • Villa Antonio de Dave Resort – 5.7 km (15mins travel time)


  • Starmall (SJDM) – 3.1 km. (7 mins. travel time)
  • Fairview Terraces – 9.7 km. (20 mins. travel time)
  • SM Fairview – 9.7 km. (20 mins. travel time)


  • School of St. Anthony – 750 km. (10 mins. travel time)
  • BSU (Bulacan State University) – 5.2 km. (13 mins. travel time)
  • Georgia College – 3.9 km. (10 mins. travel time)
  • Fatima University – 8.2 km. (17 mins. travel time)


  • Skyline Hospital and Medical Center – 1.1 km. (5 time)
  • Grace Hospital – 2.7 km. (6 mins. travel time)


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